Fishman F1 Analog Under Saddle Transducer Acoustic Guitar Pick up Preamp System


Fishman F1 Analog Under Saddle Transducer Acoustic Guitar Pick up Preamp System

For your consideration:
Fishman Electronics F1 Analog
Undersaddle Transducer / Preamp / Tuner SystemPulled directly from my Martin Performing Artist Guitar
PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY...All the parts are complete with the exception of the 9v battery connector
which I couldn't get out of the guitar ($3 bucks at radio shack).
It was working absolutely fine when I pulled it out of the instrument,
but I can't guarantee it will work for you and the install is somewhat complicated
so therefore I'm selling it without warranty as-is for parts or project use only.
This is a rather expensive system and I'm going to start the bidding at $1
and see what the market will bear on this one.
I'm a trusted seller 12 years on ebay - 100% positive feedbackPlease email with any questions and thanks for looking!
P.S. Here's Fishman's schpeal on the unit:The F1 Analog has 2 control knobs and one display. By pressing the volume button down for 2 seconds the tuner is activated.
The innovative one-knob tone control lets you choose between a natural, undersaddle sound with no EQ (fully counter-clockwise) on up to
a “mid- scooped” tone with emphasized treble & bass and reduced midrange. Pressing the tone knob repearedly cycles through various phase
settings that improve bass response while aiming to suppress unwanted feedback.

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by the way:
Radio Shack Fully Insulated 9V Battery Connector $2.99

Model: 270-325  | Catalog #: 270-325